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Hint: Why banning Hijab or “religious signs” in Schools is a destructive idea for the society ? Because Schools are the best place to learn how to accept other people differences which you see out on streets.

Serene Hamsho

Offshore Wind Senior Project Manager / Senior Engineer. Award-winning renewable energy engineer, entrepreneur and media personality nominated by BBC 100 women

A paediatrician from Syria, has been awarded the Council of Europe’s Raoul Wallenberg Prize

Dr. Amani Ballour

MARYAM Pougetoux

Maryam Pougetoux is an the president of the student union UNEF at Paris-IV-Sorbonne, humanist and the human rights hero of France. Some politicians attack her hijab from time to time only to get some light in the Media! – 

MARYAM Pougetoux france

Camillia Hamid

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Hijab – Oppression?

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لماذا نرتدي الحجاب؟