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Three Facts, not theories:

1. “Macron” is a President of France
2. “Haftar” – as described by the Guardian article below – is a war criminal and a warlord.
3. “Macron” is supporting “Haftar” to protect France illegal interests in Lybia. The alibi is fighting terrorism!!!

There are more “Haftar.s” around Africa by the way. and other Haftar’s versions in the Middle East.


Haftar criminal

So called “Islamic State” is a Slogan, used by Militias of War and Oil

High Tech AI satellites stunning resolution can follow a cat on earth but can not capture the so called “Islamic State” ISIS troups, and can not track their weapons transportations. Does this sound logic to you?

To the right you can see Khalifa Haftar, the real version of Nicolas Cage in LORD OF WAR. He works for France in Libya, Haftar how is a war criminal, he bombed cities and sieged others

The Guardian

Macron terrorism

France continues to support and finance its mandate-governments and their killing militias in Africa, to keep the locals there away from its companies who steal all resources and make locals work as slaves from 1940 to 2020. The alibi is to fight against what’s so called islamic state forces, it is a similar story of Mass Destruction weapon lie of George Bush in Iraq twisted to be about Islamic State, while Haftar is  the one who creates and recruite for these so called Islamic militias, criminals from the arabe word and the whole words join his troops, all they need is to say Allah Akbar before they kill anyone life on the media.

France dirty presence in Africa since mid nineties /ALJAZEERA

Islamic state, Daesh, Qaeda.. etc are products, they are war weapons, for another example USA planted ISIS milicias in Syria and Iraq then they called the whole world to fight them. It is like when a gang plants a box of drugs in your car, then calls the corrupted police to capture you, kill you and destroy your car.

War is a huge business. If you are some rich banker funding the war, you will get insanely rich, because it takes tremendous amounts of money for rebuilding a nation after a war, money that the government likely doesn’t have due to the weakened economy and all money being spent on the war. Not forgetting human-traffic, drugs and weapons businesses prosperity generated by war.

France is backing a Libyan warlord and Chad’s dictator. /ALJAZEERA

Article by SocialSelfie.se

Human trafficking business volume  $ 150 billion 

Size of the global illicit drug market  $ 321.6 billion in 2003 alone, 

In workers slavery for mining  $ 34 billion 

add to that hundreds of billions that are generated from black market of arms and weapon business

WAR are the generator of those billions

So many Lords$s of war are working together to create militias as much as possible.

but how a successful lord of war can get more contracts for his killing militia?

He choose a militia’s name to refere to following keywords chosen from Islamic dictionary:

And a militia’s logo to contain one of folowing or other Islamic scripts:

This way the militia will have long term job contracts in Africa with France and in the Middle East with USA for example. Whilre Islamic Instructions has nothing to do with all these war militias crimes

Terrorism makes money, and Money makes terrorism.

Terrorism keeps hate-leaders like Emmanuel Macron in their power. Hate speech separate the society and makes it easier to dominate. The role of the leaders is to make their people, their teams closer to each other and love each other.

If a leader is unable do this, it is a damaging failure and disqualification. Or it is a dirty election game and fuel of overseas war interests.

France hate speech
Emmanuel Macron 2

Emmanuel Macron in photo above – le personnage symbole de laïcité !!! the symbol character of secularism !!!

Freedom of Speech

Some Powerful people have a big network of criminals which can facilitate and arrange the killing of Charlie Hebdo a poor teacher in school, or even hundreds of citizens in Nice truck attack in order to get more benefits in their War against Muslims.

Powerful Extrimist, Hate and War makers

Emmanuel Macron fights Islam
islamic state isis facts

US military buys location data of popular Muslim apps

Violation of Privacy for millions