Do you think Muslim’s scarf related to oppression? A “look” might hurt as much as oppression.  Please read below 🙂

لماذا نرتدي الحجاب؟

Muslim’s headscarf, Hijab ..Who’s decision it is?

When a Man practices Oppression against his daughter or wife, it can be, by forcing her to wear a headscarf! But it doesn’t stop there, because it is a psychological issue he suffers from.
This type of man, not only oblige his daughter to wear a headscarf, but he controls all his daughter and wife’s life details, because of the psychological issue he has, not because he is practicing a religious act.
So it is not about the headscarf for him, it is about control. He controls the way she lives, how she talks, friends she meets, ..etc.
This type of men exists all over the globe, for ex.: Average percentage of women who experiencing psychological violence which involved controlling behavior by a partner in Europe is 43% !! according to https://fra.europa.eu/
It is not a religious behavior! Not related to any culture or country.

This girl with a headscarf -supposing that she is obliged to wear it- when she is outside the house, walking along the street, you see her, you look at her feeling disgusted because she symbolizes Oppression for you!!
In fact, you are oppressing her as well!
By the way you look at her, you are asking her to remove the headscarf, this is in fact another oppression against her.
You are another person in her life who is putting further pressure on her.

If you want to help this girl and other girls, you must join associations who target persons like her father or partner, in order to change his behavior, not to put more pressure on this poor girl. Because this man has a psychological issue, he would need help from a specialist.

It is my own decision!

Because removing her headscarf does not solve the problem. It will only appease you and make you feel better by hiding this oppression sign!!, and not bothering yourself seeing it. If it is truly about her, best to target her father, he is the cause of the problem.
Another thing to mention about girls wearing headscarves, too many of them freely choose to wear it, they are not forced.
This is a fact!

We need to be aware and agree that a huge percentage of women are wearing headscarves by their own decision and free will, they choose it for themselves.

If you like to know why!? Here is the answer:

Hijab is, simply, just a Worshiping Act

The only message it carries to you is LOVE 🙂

Wishing for a better social-world:

Hint: Why banning Hijab or “religious signs” in Schools is a socially destructive idea? Because Schools is the best place to teach how to accept others’ differences!

Laïcité (secularism) in French constitution

According to French Constitution “Laicïté” means:
“Government can not adopt or support any religion in particular over another one, and can not represent itself as a Muslim government or christian government..for example. Government must be completely separated from any religious influence from any side.
But each citizen is free to represent and show her/his belief, her/his faith, and she/he has the right to practice or show this belief freely. And it is the government responsibility to protect this right equally for everyone”

The majority of Media figures and politicians in France keep repeating that “France is laïque/secular in the constitution” every time they want to attack women rights of wearing headscarf! And show no respect to their beliefs.
Here is one word for them: Read your constitution! …Or change it! If you insist to destroy! your country’s social integration!!

Knowledge is the key