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What is “Socially Smart” for a city?

Social integration sustainability:

In any city we always find different ethnic-cultural groups. Each group adopts its internal habits and restrictions which affects people’s interactions in this group. But at the same time these habits affect somehow the way each group interacts with other groups.

Sometime each group as a whole looks with fear or discomfort at other group or groups.
The reason behind that is the lack of concrete knowledge base about others, which is itself due to the lack of communication.

Who is responsible to take care of this crise?!

In fact it is the responsibility of Managers of the city. To build a real and healthy social life that lasts and prosperate over time, city managers must act: They must put a masterplan, by wide collaboration of all related parties like Media, psychologists, education specialists, …etc

Goals are:
  • Spreading knowledge through media, education and all possible channels, about good habits of each group.
  • Spread respect and awareness that people are not the same and they will never be. People raise over decades in different circumstances and they will continue to do so. And these circumstances will affect the way they behave.
  • Share how each group find solutions for same problems. That will inspire all and spread respect.
  • Spread acceptance of other ways of thinking. Other’s ways might look not great now, but it might look perfect tomorrow for another situation.

With above mentioned points adopted in the media, and in the educational programs, …etc, the result will be:

Inspirations will start to migrate from one group of the society to another, ideas will merge, social interaction will reinforce, then walls between all groups will gradually get thinner and lower.
People will learn, accept and adopt, exactly like in artificial intelligence. And that will lead us to a real Social integration sustainability and to a “Socially Smart” City

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